whoa!? think you can do web stuff huh!

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29 Feb 2008

eager to have a website? thinking of getting a webmaster?

it seems everyone right now is into the web. anyway, who wouldn?t want to be seen WORLDWIDE? i myself have been doing websites for quite sometime now but having five years experience in this field doesn?t end the learning curve i have to go through every single day.

for a webmaster hoping they would get someone who could give their business a face and presence in the web. and then i saw this one:

webmaster ad

seeing that long list makes me wonder… are they really looking for a webmaster? or a WHOLE DEPARTMENT!?! o_O


my partner gave me a link to an article of David Walsh from dzone.com (which you can view here) that provide 9 key pointers to watch out for when hiring a web guy. what really struck me is item number one which says:

Any web guy that calls himself a “webmaster” probably isn’t a master of anything. The term “webmaster” has become a translation for the word “amateur.” The web has diversified into so many different realms that webmaster is no longer meaningful…

OUCH! makes sense huh?

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February 29th, 2008 at 4:20 pm

webmaster = web developer + web designer

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