you get what you paid for

you get what you paid for

that’s what i always say when someone buys cheap item and then finding out that it’s either defective or incomplete. well, that is true for the uninformed buyer. if you’re gonna look carefully, there several websites that do provide cheaper items yet “A” quality. check out these sites!

if you’re looking for cheap computer parts or peripherals, either brand new or second-hand, might as well check it’s a website similar to buy and sell drama of ebay with the only difference is that online payment is not an option. either people go to their shops or meet half-way in order to trade in items for cash or item as well. the good thing here is that the seller or buyer’s credibility is directly proportional to the number of positive or negative feedback he has on his account. the higher the positive feedback, the greater the chance you’ll sell or buy an item.

The TipidCP Logo

The TipidCP Logo

there’s also a similar website setup by the same management of tipidpc which is which caters to mobile phone needs. similar concept, and the good thing is that you can use the same account you’re using in tipidpc! nice eh!

ofcourse, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of getting crappy items. but in the end, the chance of getting a cool gadget for a price of a tootsie roll will always depend on how informed the buyer is.

whoa!? think you can do web stuff huh!

eager to have a website? thinking of getting a webmaster?

it seems everyone right now is into the web. anyway, who wouldn?t want to be seen WORLDWIDE? i myself have been doing websites for quite sometime now but having five years experience in this field doesn?t end the learning curve i have to go through every single day.

for a webmaster hoping they would get someone who could give their business a face and presence in the web. and then i saw this one:

webmaster ad

seeing that long list makes me wonder… are they really looking for a webmaster? or a WHOLE DEPARTMENT!?! o_O


my partner gave me a link to an article of David Walsh from (which you can view here) that provide 9 key pointers to watch out for when hiring a web guy. what really struck me is item number one which says:

Any web guy that calls himself a “webmaster” probably isn’t a master of anything. The term “webmaster” has become a translation for the word “amateur.” The web has diversified into so many different realms that webmaster is no longer meaningful…

OUCH! makes sense huh?