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When extracting a product attribute data using SOAP, the usual approach is to create a standard class and identify the common fields in the attributes property as shown below: The above var_dump() would show the values of requested fields except the custom_attribute_code. The reason for this is because a custom product attribute is available in additional_attributes property […]

One of my clients would like to add additional HTML attributes for SEO purposes as well as to keep line breaks after saving a CMS block or page in the Magento Admin. Solution: To do that, you must open the file js/mage/adminhtml/wysiwyg/tiny_mce/setup.js and locate the line below: Right after the code plugins : plugins, add […]

It is common for companies with a huge product database to always have an ERP that manages their product updates. With an external service, it normally utilises the built-in Magento API. Calling the method catalogProductCreate using a SOAP service, one of the possible issues that may arise is the one below:

I came across a persistent issue where the admin user is unable to save any configuration in the administration window and would only be greeted with the error below:

Is your checkout page failing whenever you enable Fontis’ Direct Deposit payment option? Try checking your logs to see if there’s a similar error like the one below: Parse error: parse error in /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/fontis/australia/ payment/directdeposit/form.phtml on line 42

If you’re thinking of creating a page that will display your customer list from Magento to a different PHP-based application, you can use the script below to do so. First, let’s create a file called index.php and inside it, create function (I named it getCustomers()) that will extract an array of customer list and their […]

You might have a Magento based website running online and wanted to extend parts of it (also known as blocks, which may include some css and js in the code) to an external site which may either be a blog, another CMS or any other PHP based web application. If you have been following my […]

This is a follow up post to a previous article I wrote on how to add products into Magento but this time the script includes custom options (attributes) of the product. I used Magento version in this example. Just copy the whole script and save it as index.php.

You want to extend WordPress’ functionality and decided to download some plugins found in the Official WordPress Plugin repository. After searching the repo, you’ve found two plugins that accomplishes the tasks you needed to implement in your blog. Downloading the plugins gives you two ZIP files that when double-clicked, shows you the contents in the […]

Update (May 12, 2010): Mage Enabler is now available in the Official WordPress Plugin repository. Get it here! It’s been a while since I posted my tweak that allows Mage object to be utilized within any WordPress installation. The tweak requires the blog owner to modify functions.php as stated in my post. I’m inspired by […]

This post is an update for my blog entry on how to extend the Magento session to an external site but instead of using the version, I used the the latest stable version as of this writing which is version The script below also implements the login() and logout() method the Magento way […]

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