You want to install a new Magento instance (version at the time of this writing) in your machine. You followed every steps from downloading up to the setting up of your admin account. Everything went fine so you assumed you’re good to go. You tried to login using your admin account… nothing happened. You tried again… Same login screen with no error whatsoever. You wonder what went wrong. You checked the files and the database as well as clearing the cache. You even tried resetting your account’s password found in the Magento’s admin_user table using the MD5 function thru phpMyAdmin but to no avail. You gave up and tried to reinstall everything only to be greeted by the very same login screen after clicking the Login button.

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of PDF files since I started working with my current employer. Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 which is by default installed in my machine doesn’t support PDF previewing. So for those with Windows XP OS and MS Outlook 2007 and above (yes, you read it right, version 2007+ only) you may download this nifty free application from Foxit Software which is modified by Tim Heuer (check out his blog here) to preview your PDF in Outlook in no time. Click here to download the file.

Don’t forget to thank him for this very useful app! Ciao!

Yes, I know. This topic has already been discussed here. But it seems the article isn’t really helpful for those people who would integrate Magento into a custom website because it will redirect the page to Magento’s default web store provided in the installation. The technique I’ll discuss here assumes that you know HTML and ofcourse familiar with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP.

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If you’re using an external site with Magento as a backend for e-commerce functionality, you will notice that the shopping cart items doesn’t get deleted after you checkout. Actually in Magento, a shopping cart is a quote. So to remove everything in the shopping cart, you must delete the quote currently used by the user. To do this, follow the code below:

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Recently I received a programming task requiring to use Magento as backend system while implementing its e-commerce functionality to a website created using CodeIgniter framework. After reading a book related to the software mentioned, I found this piece of code that will enable me to use all Magento’s power into my custom website:

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Thank God. I’m finally back after a long slumber away from the World Wide Web. As always, expect more non-sense from me as i fill up the WordPress’ disk space while giving you ideas on the best tricks and work around for your programming and web needs.


YES. Your eyes are not fooling you.

A screenshot of meebo running as a desktop application

A screenshot of meebo running as a desktop application

I know dear. You hate those Network Admins who always find a way how to block your chat client. I’ve been there and like you, I’m really thankful that Meebo provides us a way of connecting us to our chat friends.

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It’s really not impossible for us, who spends most of their time reading blog entries to find it irritable going thru all the bookmarks and links just to check if there’s a new post made by a particular blogger. Most of the time we rely on bookmarks of our favorite browser to help us navigate through their blogsites.

If you’re an Opera browser user, why not use the Feeds to manage all your favorite blogs???

Screenshot of Opera Feeds with feed entries at the back

Screenshot of Opera Feeds with feed entries at the back

Isn’t it nice to have everything at hand? (Hey Chunky! You should pay me for advertising your blog!!!)

it’s been a while since my last post. a lot of things has changed after i accepted a new career path; trying to change what has been the norm, hoping things will eventually turn out fine.

every day is like a tedious routine. i always end up repeating things, restoring what’s supposed to be there. i can’t blame anyone, maybe it really works that way. maybe this is how big company does it.

it’s ok with me.

i’m wondering why i still look forward to another day on that place. maybe because there’s always something new to discover, or maybe because of the people around me. i think i’m growing. i believe i’m learning.

change isn’t always easy.

skin aging starts at age 25. well that’s a big O-M-G for me now that i just turned 25 yesterday. as an ugly duckling during my grade school days, i usually feel awkward around people thinking they would focus more on my pimple infested face. a face only a mother could love. for me, during those days beautiful skin is the ultimate gift to die for.

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you get what you paid for

that’s what i always say when someone buys cheap item and then finding out that it’s either defective or incomplete. well, that is true for the uninformed buyer. if you’re gonna look carefully, there several websites that do provide cheaper items yet “A” quality. check out these sites!

if you’re looking for cheap computer parts or peripherals, either brand new or second-hand, might as well check it’s a website similar to buy and sell drama of ebay with the only difference is that online payment is not an option. either people go to their shops or meet half-way in order to trade in items for cash or item as well. the good thing here is that the seller or buyer’s credibility is directly proportional to the number of positive or negative feedback he has on his account. the higher the positive feedback, the greater the chance you’ll sell or buy an item.

The TipidCP Logo

The TipidCP Logo

there’s also a similar website setup by the same management of tipidpc which is which caters to mobile phone needs. similar concept, and the good thing is that you can use the same account you’re using in tipidpc! nice eh!

ofcourse, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of getting crappy items. but in the end, the chance of getting a cool gadget for a price of a tootsie roll will always depend on how informed the buyer is.

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