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YES. Your eyes are not fooling you. I know dear. You hate those Network Admins who always find a way how to block your chat client. I’ve been there and like you, I’m really thankful that Meebo provides us a way of connecting us to our chat friends.

It’s really not impossible for us, who spends most of their time reading blog entries to find it irritable going thru all the bookmarks and links just to check if there’s a new post made by a particular blogger. Most of the time we rely on bookmarks of our favorite browser to help us navigate […]

it seems more and more people are starting to enjoy the convenience of having wifi access to different blogs through their ipod touch and iphones. for those who read my blog, you can view my silly point of view blog on a customized theme for iphone and ipod touch users 🙂 here’s a screenshot of […]

as i promised, here is my new ipod touch screenshot 🙂 enjoy!

at this speed, i doubt that i can’t finish any download in no time. you can also check your bandwidth at

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