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When extracting a product attribute data using SOAP, the usual approach is to create a standard class and identify the common fields in the attributes property as shown below: The above var_dump() would show the values of requested fields except the custom_attribute_code. The reason for this is because a custom product attribute is available in additional_attributes property […]

One of my clients would like to add additional HTML attributes for SEO purposes as well as to keep line breaks after saving a CMS block or page in the Magento Admin. Solution: To do that, you must open the file js/mage/adminhtml/wysiwyg/tiny_mce/setup.js and locate the line below: Right after the code plugins : plugins, add […]

It is common for companies with a huge product database to always have an ERP that manages their product updates. With an external service, it normally utilises the built-in Magento API. Calling the method catalogProductCreate using a SOAP service, one of the possible issues that may arise is the one below:

I came across a persistent issue where the admin user is unable to save any configuration in the administration window and would only be greeted with the error below:

Is your checkout page failing whenever you enable Fontis’ Direct Deposit payment option? Try checking your logs to see if there’s a similar error like the one below: Parse error: parse error in /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/fontis/australia/ payment/directdeposit/form.phtml on line 42

The default Magento catalog grid is set to display 3 products per column. Most users alter the number of columns by modifying the file catalog/product/list.phtml. There’s actually a much cleaner approach to this task and you only need to modify an XML file.

I recently installed a WordPress blog in my localhost using Mac OS X’s built in Apache and PHP with MySQL to test a functionality when I decided to update the permalinks to use a different format other than the default setting. When I tested the new URL, I was greeted with the following error: Not […]

I want to setup a development environment for the Mage Enabler for WordPress plugin in my new desktop so I downloaded the latest copy of Magento Community Edition which is version at the time of this writing. I used the sample data provided from the Magento download page and used all the default values.

I’ve been working for the past few days with jQuery and one of the task was to manipulate HTML forms before submitting it for processing. What I needed to do is to process a form having multiple submit buttons and select tags. These set of select tags requires all values to be selected on submit.

I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries on how to create a new customer record on the fly using Mage.php or using the plugin Mage Enabler for WordPress. So, to save you time and also to provide a thread for this specific topic, here’s how to accomplish it.

I needed a plugin that can show random quotes with author options as well and I found Stray Random Quotes WordPress plugin could do the trick. The only problem is, the function to display the random quote directly outputs the text onscreen together with the author.

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